Geotechnical supervision

With extensive experience we know exactly how important is the geotechnical professional service during the construction works.


Any professional advices at every stage of construction help avoid unforeseen developments and thereby to reduce unexpected costs. In addition, they guarantee the optimal progress of any construction process. Keeping supervision helps to ensure the safety of workers and to prevent threats, which sometimes can lead to the construction disaster.


Within this service we perform:

  • excavation acceptances
  • assessment of the conformity of the geological structure with the design assumptions
  • study of the suitability of the soils for the construction of embankments
  • determining the suitability of the soils for their use as ballast or backfill
  • determination of the density index and degree of compaction of the soils
  • quality control of performed construction works, among others: soil replacement and densities of soils
  • execution of piezometers in order to determine fluctuations of groundwater levels
  • deformation measurements with the use of inclinometer
  • laboratory tests of soil and groundwater samples